Yes, as soon as you are registered by our customer service, we will immediately check the deadlines and, if necessary, extend them for you immediately.
We make an effort to stay focused on the deadlines. Please inform your adviser if you are running a little late and only have a few days to submit your tax return. They will then take care of everything else for you.
Yes, you can even choose whether you would like to meet your adviser in person or whether you would prefer to communicate with us via video chat. Our customer service will be happy to inform you of the next steps
Yes, we will gladly assist you and will apply for the necessary forms on your behalf if you have not already received them from your local authority. We can also help you choose the best and most affordable health insurance provider
Yes, we can carry out various calculations for you and not only with regard to taxes – we can also help you choose the right mortgage. Just give us a call: 058... (and possibly link to mortgage here, to the mortgage info page with lots of text, information, link to appointments, etc.)