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Benefit from our many years of experience as tax advisers

To help you minimise your tax burden, we can offer advice both in person and online. We provide proactive support regarding your options for tax avoidance and tax saving. With over 80 qualified consultants with a wide range of specializations and technical focuses, we have the resources to provide you with competent support. We have advisors in all of Switzerland's cantons, and they place a high value on maintaining personal contact with each of their clients.

Filling out your tax return is another service we can provide for you, while ensuring that you receive the maximum tax refund possible:

  • Creation of intercantonal and international tax declarations
  • Taxation advice, for example, on how to avoid double taxation in international relations.
  • Tax advice and optimisation
  • Checking of tax assessments
  • Drafting and assistance in the event of objections
  • Mandates for representation, such as when relocating abroad
  • Taxation of cryptocurrencies

Why we can do more for you than your current tax adviser.

Contact your adviser whenever you need them.

All your receipts, invoices and documents are saved in your personal document archive. This enables you to access them quickly and easily. Say goodbye to wasting time looking through files.

Thanks to our checklists, you are always up to date on the receipts or documents still missing, This makes working with your tax adviser convenient experience for you.

Send us your documents by post and we will scan them for you to help you keep on top of things.

Always stay up to date with the status of your tax return. Here you can see whether your tax return is still being processed or has already been filed.

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